Masterchefs at work

  • Guests were served up fine dishes by Head Chef Mirko Vinci of Grissini, one of the Hosting Establishments and Partner Restaurants at this year’s World Gourmet Summit.

(Left to right) Gourmet Specialist Csaba Harmath; International Masterchef Soma Oroszki; Grissini Head Chef Mirko Vinci; and Sous Chef Kulcsár Tamás.

Singapore, 1 April 2019 – The 23rd edition of the World Gourmet Summit saw Grissini restaurant at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel play host to guests seeking a special international epicurean experience. This year’s theme for the summit was “Sustainability”.

During the six-week culinary festival, Head Chef Mirko Vinci served up a special celebratory menu, with delicious dishes such as Slow Baked Beef Short Ribs with Celeriac, Baby Vegetables and Mushroom Sauce.

Chefs Soma Oroszki (left) and Mirko Vinci busy plating the dishes in the kitchen.

One of the Hungarian dishes served: skin-seared trout, cured crayfish, lescó (a thick vegetable ragout that resembles ratatouille), tarhonya, and tomato chips.

The restaurant also hosted the Masterchef Dining Delights Campaign. Chef Mirko, who hails from Italy, was joined by International Masterchef Soma Oroszki and Gourmet Specialist Csaba Harmath who are both from Hungary. Together they prepared a refreshing five-course dinner featuring Hungarian cuisine.