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Senior Management

Mark Yip
Mark Yip Chief Revenue Officer

Mr Mark Yip was appointed as CDL’s Chief Marketing Officer in 2014, heading the Marketing & Sales, and Leasing operations of residential, retail and commercial spaces. On 1 February 2018, Mr Yip was re-designated Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for achieving outstanding performance from CDL’s overseas property sales as well as to ensure overall consistency in the positioning of the CDL brand. He will direct all sales and marketing activities for the Group’s overseas projects in China, Japan, Australia and the UK, and will also assist the Group Chief Investment Officer in sourcing and analysing new deals. In addition, Mr Yip is also CEO of CDL China Limited, an appointment held since April 2016. He oversees the management of the Group’s investments and development projects in China, as well as develop and implement the Group’s real estate investment and business strategies for China.

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Yvonne Ong
Yvonne Ong Chief Executive Officer, Commercial

Ms Yvonne Ong joined CDL in June 2018 to head CDL’s Asset Management Division, which comprises the Leasing, Property & Facilities Management and Customer Service departments involved in the management of CDL’s Investment Properties. Ms Ong will lead the Division in spearheading asset management strategies to drive the performance of CDL’s global portfolio of office, retail, industrial and residential leased assets.

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Lee Mei Ling
Lee Mei Ling Executive Vice President & Head, Property Development

Ms Lee Mei Ling was appointed as Head of Property Development in June 2018, to lead the Property Development Division, which consolidates all departments involved in the development of CDL’s Singapore properties. Comprising the Projects, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service and Property & Facilities Management units, the Division is responsible for the entire life-span of a development project, from advising on land tenders to innovating project design, managing the construction phase, and providing after-sales service.

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Esther An
Esther An Chief Sustainability Officer

Ms Esther An joined CDL in 1995 to establish the Company’s Corporate Communications department and subsequently CDL’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) portfolio. She has been instrumental in building up CDL’s leadership in sustainability. A forerunner in CSR and a member of the management committee of Global Compact Network Singapore since 2005, she also sits on board the Corporate Advisory Board of World Green Building Council. A founding member of the Singapore Business Council for Sustainable Development, she is a signatory of the UN Caring for Climate initiative and a member of the Urban Land Institute Women’s Leadership Initiative Singapore Steering Committee. Her latest appointment includes the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) Finance Initiative Investor Work Group.

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Ivan Ng
Ivan Ng Chief Technology Officer

Mr Ivan Ng joined CDL as Chief Technology Officer in 2016, with responsibility for the CDL Group’s Technology Strategy and Operations. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry with a track record in both business and IT management.

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Steven Tan
Steven Tan Chief Human Resource Officer

Mr Steven Tan joined CDL as Chief Human Resource Officer in July 2016. He has more than 20 years of human resource experience across the real estate, financial services, energy and semi-conductor industries.

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As of 11 November 2019