CSR & Sustainability



In 2003, CDL established our corporate Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy, which reflects our firm commitment towards a "Safe and Green" culture.

The Policy sets the strategic direction for all departments to take practical efforts to ensure effective EHS management so as to create a "Green" culture, conserve resources and prevent pollution.

In line with our EHS Policy, we embarked on formalising our Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to help set the framework for effective implementation and sustainability. All CDL employees are committed to improving on our environmental performance.

Since the 1990s, CDL has been setting the benchmark for Green Building in Singapore. To raise our builders’ EHS standards, CDL developed the 5-Star EHS Assessment System in 2001 as an audit tool to assess the level of management commitment to safety and occupational health at the work sites. The assessment is appraised and graded quarterly, on a scale of one to five stars, by independent auditors engaged by CDL.

Following each audit assessment, a quarterly 5-Star EHS Seminar is held to present the results to the top management of the builders and consultants. The seminars provide a platform for the promotion and sharing of best practices, while at the same time, exert "peer pressure" on our builders to strive towards performance improvement.

The EMS Organisation is chaired by our Deputy Chairman, Mr Kwek Leng Joo, and the appointed Management Representative champions the establishment, implementation and maintenance of the EMS and provides management guidance and corporate support across the Company.

All Heads of Department within CDL have operational responsibility for the corporate EMS and specifically, the Heads of Projects Division and Property & Facilities Management Division for the maintenance of their respective divisions’ EMS.

In 2008, CDL created a new dedicated position of an EHS specialist. This new role is responsible for EHS management and will include that of Management Representative in the long run.

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