CSR & Sustainability

Environmental & Social Impact

CDL has long been committed to achieving business excellence while maintaining good social and environmental performance. The Company strives to do well financially, and make a positive contribution towards the society and environment for the future generations at the same time.

Energy Used
CDL Worksites (kWh/m2)2749383433
CDL Worksites (MWh) 4,6135,1505,8365,0747,051
CDL Commercial Buildings (kWh/month/m2)16.7316.3915.1616.4315.612
CDL Industrial Buildings (kWh/month/m2)
CDL Commercial and Industrial Buildings (MWh)66,56860,56756,21355,74346,965
CDL Corporate Office (kWh/m2)8684888690
CDL Corporate Office (MWh)528513596581613
CDL Total Energy Used (MWh)71,70866,23062,64761,39854,629
Water Used
CDL Worksites (m3/m2)
Water conserved at worksites (m3)163,97499,23768,349121,715244,608
CDL Worksites (m3) 182,859127,426191,160143,880124,228
CDL Commercial Buildings (m3/month/m2)
CDL Industrial Buildings (m3/month/m2)
CDL Commercial and Industrial Buildings (m3)581,784555,093567,389573,153384,592
CDL Corporate Office (m3)(1)NA2,7373,0653,1073,201
CDL Total Water Used (m3)(2)764,643682,519758,549717,033508,820
CDL Office (m3/m2)NA0.4040.4520.4580.472
NEWater Used at CDL Commercial Buildings (m3)123,344136,269125,981121,122128,164
% of NEWater to PUB water16%20%17%17%25%
Construction Waste
Generated at CDL Worksites (kg/m2)46.5024.5043.9230.2458.50
Generated at CDL Worksites (tonnes)8,0712,5526,6714,54412,323
Paper Recycling
CDL Commercial and Industrial Buildings (kg) 374,050361,397647,789672,1881,055,236
Tenants Participation Rate at CDL Commercial and Industrial Buildings (%)>90>90>90>90>90
Paper Use
CDL Corporate Office (number of A4 reams)3,7743,4883,5443,1952,941
Carbon Emissions
CDL Worksites (tonnes CO2)2,1962,4523,0042,5255,415
CDL Commercial and Industrial Buildings (tonnes CO2)31,69328,83628,92727,74325,558
CDL Corporate Office (tonnes CO2)251244307289965
CDL Business Travel (tonnes CO2)81576573Not tracked
Total Carbon Emissions (tonnes CO2)34,22131,58932,30330,63131,938
Complaints on Construction Noise
CDL Worksites (number) 423122

Scope 1: Includes direct emissions from fuel used in power generators, gasoline for company vehicles and loss of refrigerant in air-conditioning systems.
Scope 2: Includes indirect emissions due to purchased electricity consumed at CDL's Corporate Office, commercial and industrial buildings as well as construction sites.
Scope 3: Includes other indirect emissions arising from electricity transmission losses, local and international courier services, business travel and hotel accommodations, water usage at CDL's Corporate Office, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as construction sites, and employee commuting.
Corporate Office: CDL's Corporate Office in Singapore occupies approximately 6,781 m2 across nine floors in City House and one floor in Republic Plaza. Measurement is applicable to all environmental performance reported in this section.
Property: In 2014, CDL managed 12 commercial buildings and three industrial buildings (including their facilities) in Singapore, with a gross floor area of 248,154 m2 and 28,768 m2 respectively. This excludes two industrial buildings - Pantech 21 and New Tech Park - which were divested in November 2013, and includes a new commercial building Quayside Isle from 2013 onwards. Measurement is applicable to all environmental performance reported in this section.
Projects: While carbon emissions due to construction activities at CDL's development sites are a result of the contractor's direct and indirect emissions, CDL recognises the significant environmental impact of these construction activities. In 2014, CDL measured and monitored the environmental impact and performance of its 17 construction sites in Singapore with a gross floor area of 210,763 m2 built for that year. Measurement is applicable to all environmental performance reported in this section.

For over a decade, CDL has been advocating environmental sustainability in Singapore's built environment. We make it our business to take concerted efforts towards preventing pollution on the environment and striving to apply environmentally-friendly practices in our operations. We have set for ourselves targets to this extent and are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 16% below Business-As-Usual levels by 2020. Read more about our environmental efforts.

Employee engagement
Employee Turnover Rate13.714.417.914.115.9
Employee Satisfaction(1)≥90%NANANANA
Employee Effective Index(1)NA69%NA70%NA
Medical Leave Taken Per Employee
(number of days)
Gender Diversification: Females as Heads of Department (%)55%50%46%44%40%
Average Service Per Employee
(number of years)
Total CSR and Environment-related Training (hours)(2)3,6943,2871,8042,028over 2,300
Product Quality and Sustainability
New Developments to be Well-ranked on CONQUASYesYesYesYesYes
New Developments to be Certified BCA Green Mark Gold and Above(3)YesYesYesYesYes
Employee Volunteerism
Participation Rate (%)60%71%89%77%79%
Participation Rate (hours)2,8942,8383,5892,6642,944
Health and Safety
(a) Corporate office - CDL staff
     • Injury Rate and Occupational Disease (number)
(b) Worksites - contractors
     • Accident Frequency Rate
     • Workplace Injury Rate633044178182

(1) From 2011, an Employee Effective Index has been put in place.The Employee Effective Survey takes place once
every two years and we are in the midst of collating our 2015 results.
(2) From 2012,only core subjects identified in ISO 26000 were identified as CSR and Environment-related training.
(3) All new developments to be certified BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS�and above from 2011.

Our people are our greatest asset. Through active involvement and engagement we try and cultivate a positive and inclusive work environment and aspire to be the employer of choice. We are delighted that employee turnover is significantly lower than the national average (2012: 17.9% in CDL compares against 25.2% national average). Read more about our other community initiatives that bring about social change.